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Daily Doses: Loud Valley “Pensacola” From Loud Valley (2011)  

It’s hot as hell in Los Angeles.

That comparatively hot of course, but hot none the less. Last week I was layered up against an onslaught of rain, this week I’m layered down to nothing.

Which is really my problem with heat.

While you can layer up to the sky, there’s only so far you can strip down. It’s very invasive.

Seeing that half of this record was recorded in Athens, Georgia, and the other half in Orlando, Florida, I’m sure Loud Valley could tell me stories about heat. Especially since every element of their first release seems soaked in it.

Dripping humidity in streams from it’s choral layers,  cooled only by delicate horn layers that tremble about like quick breezes, it’s the kind of record that could only be made by people intimately familiar with the languid steamy comfort of the south.

The most important aspect of this is that the whole album makes this day seem much cooler by comparison. Thus it will remain on repeat as long as I need a respite.

Which could be awhile.

Download Loud Valley’s “Pensacola” From Loud Valley

Download Loud Valley’s S/T Debut From Their Bandcamp

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Daily Doses: The Neighborhood “Always Make The Time” From The Neighborhood (2011)

“Oh! Hey there 80’s infused, Depeche Mode tinged, Darkwave! I haven’t seen you in a while, what you been up too?”

“Nothin’ baby, just blowin’ this track up.”

“Yeah man, I heard… You sound jet as fuck.”


“Well see ya’ soon?”

“Probs, I always turn up somewhere.”


The Neighborhood, AKA Los Angeles’ Ryan Dolliver, has 6 songs available on his bandcamp. The purchase of those songs will get you a cassette with those 6 songs on it. 

It’s a pretty diverse bunch of synth-infused 80’s flashbacks, but after listening to them all, you’ll be completely prepared should you run into Ryan on the streets of LA, and a conversation like the one above spring up.

Get on it.

Purchase The Neighborhood’s Self Titled Debut From Their Bandcamp 

Generationals - Trust
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by Generationals

Beach House - Lover Of Mine
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Beach House / Lover of Mine

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Daily Doses: Snowmine “The Hill” From Laminate Pet Animal (2010)

Just to cap off my recent post about Snowmine’s upcoming album, figured I’d add a few pertinent details, and one more glimpse of what’s to come.

Hailing from the fine city of Brooklyn, Snowmine recently completed a name change from Mem (which they’d been playing and recording under since 2008) due to copyright issues and general un-goggleability.

Helmed by composer Grayson Sanders (hence the lush string section and tight orchestration), as well guitarist Austin Mendenhall, bassist Jay Goodman drummer Alex Beckman, and multi-instrumentalist Scott Selig, Snowmine is also comprised of various auxiliary players, as well as videographer Mark Johnson to handle visuals.

Their album, Laminate Pet Animal, is due out mid-December.

Visit Snowmine On Their Bandcamp / Facebook Page

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Bon Accord // Slow Handclap


Bon accord has just announced his debut 12” called Dayliner via the fresh new record label Jukbxr.


His delicate tracks consist of paper thin layers of synths and vocals. Slow Handclap stands out to me as the best one off. That dark, arpeggiated synth bass line creates an eerie, looming feeling to this tune.


If you haven’t already download or stream his Honeydew EP off his Bandcamp.


Jukbxr are a promising new label with Glass Vaults also set to release through them soon.


mp3 : Bon Accord // Slow Handclap

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Chrome Sparks // I’ll Be Wait For Sadness Comes Along




My main source of procrastination today came from browsing through my Soundcloud Dashboard, where I discovered that I had received a whole lot of track submissions that I didn’t know about. This track was sent to me about a week ago by Chrome Sparks from Ann Arbor, Michigan and is definitely worth failing an exam for.


It starts of slowly with a pretty little guitar riff and little bells and chimes to go along with it. The track abruptly blossoms into a something full of depth and is smothered in a sense of loss. The heart breaking vocals sit timidly behind it all while repeating the sentence ‘I’ll be wait for sadness comes along’.


Follow Chrome Sparks on Soundcloud.


mp3 : Chrome Sparks // I’ll Be Wait For Sadness Comes Along

HEALTH - Die Slow
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Health / Die Slow

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Sea Wolf / You’re A Wolf